Special Supplements

On arab armed forces in 2022

Special supplements On arab armed forces in 2022

In coordination with Arab Armed Forces General Head Quarters and Ministries of Defence, Defence & Aviation Magazine, will publish special supplements on the Arab Armed Forces, commemorating Armed Forces Days,National Days, Liberation Days and other special occassions.

These special supplements will highlight the countries Armed Forces progress and achievements, with reports on the their latest developments, programmes,and requirements.

The special supplements will also include interviews, with the countries MODs and the Commanders of the the Armed Forces. These special supplements, are great opportunities to advertise and congratulate the Kings & Presidents on their countries special occassions.

UAE Air Force and Air Defence Day January 6th
Kuwait National Day & Liberation Day February 25th
Royal Saudi Armed Forces Day March
UAE Armed Forces Unification Day May 6th
Jordan Army Day June 10th
Accession Day of His Majesty
Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said
July 23rd
Saudi National Day September 23rd
Accession Day of His Highness
Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
November 3rd
UAE National Day December 2nd
Sultanate of Oman Armed Forces Day December 11th
Qatar National Day & Independence Day December 18th

Special Supplements Advertising Package Rates - full colour

Full Page $7,000
Inside Front Cover $10,000
Double Page Spread $13,000
Inside Back Cover $10,000
Outside Back Cover $13,000

Each Advertising Package Includes

  • One Advertisement
  • One Congratulations Page
  • One Editorial Page

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